Frosted Exquisite Christmas Nail Art

- Dec 11, 2019-

Frosted nail art is better than the matte texture, even if it lacks a layer of bright gloss, it is better than high-quality. This sense of high level brings a sense of literature and art, which cannot be interpreted by many nail styles, and the matte has this characteristic.


On the arrival of 2020, a matte series of nails is indispensable. This high-level sense is only known to those who have done it, or it is a cute Christmas series. In the first picture, Santa ’s nose is decorated with red decorations to enhance the overall three-dimensional The red stripe breaks the traditional limit and interprets the exquisiteness to the maximum.


Super cute and simple graffiti matte film nails, red and blue with two colors colliding more classic, with a little style, there is a retro atmosphere, such a high-grade matte nails, the interpretation of the very ordinary style more chic and personality , Suitable for girls who like high sense.

Doing more regular nail art may feel tired. It may be different in the new year. It is also a good choice to try fresh matte nails. The matte nails are not resistant to dirt. When you do it, you must consider it carefully.