Frequent Nail Art May Have These 6 Health Risks

- Oct 24, 2019-

1. Most nail polishes contain some toxic substances, which is a fact that many people know. In addition, there are many kinds of nail polish on the market, and there are not many fake and shoddy products and three no products. If you buy such nail polish cheaply, or if you go to a nail shop, you can easily damage your nails and even your hands and even your health.

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2. The phototherapy lamp often used in nail art is ultraviolet light. Occasionally, taking a short time or two, it is basically harmless to the body. However, if the nails are often used for two days and the phototherapy lamp is used, it is likely to affect the skin health, such as blackening and aging.

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3. Many girls like to put beautiful nails on the nails, diamonds, etc., it looks really beautiful. However, it is worth mentioning that the quality of the materials used in these nails is uneven and good or bad. If you use a poorly permeable material, it is easy to provide conditions for the growth of bacteria, causing certain hazards to the nails, such as itching and redness.

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4. If the manicurist who is encountered is not skilled in the technique, if you practice with your hand, you may accidentally injure your nails and surrounding skin and tissues during operation. Others like to buy some nail tools online, but because of their limited nail technology, they are also prone to injuries.

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5. People who have done nail art know that nail art is usually thinning the nails first, and then brushing nail polish, sticking nails, diamonds and other processes. As everyone knows, thinning the nails themselves will hurt the nails. If you do this often, the nails are always thin, fragile, and more susceptible to viruses.

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6. The survey found that nail tools used in many nail shops are usually not "disinfected once", and even some nail shops may never disinfect tools. If the former customer using this tool has inflammation or has hand disease, it is easy to pose a health risk to the next nail customer.

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