French Nail Styles

- Apr 08, 2019-

The characteristics of French manicure: French manicure is characterized by simple and fast production, short production time, simple tool use, and visually fresh and elegant feeling.


Naked pink + Flower pattern:


Nude pink as the background color, adding a flower pattern, the overall look is really simple. Such a French manicure is very low-key, very suitable for simple friends, nude pink is not only elegant, and lady, but also gives people a very romantic and dreamy atmosphere.


Black + Milk white:


This French manicure belongs to the high-end big style; black and milky white looks very noble, but also looks very fashion! Adding black lines to the milky white manicure makes this nail more fashionable, giving a quiet and mysterious French romantic feeling, and the girl with a bad hand can also do this nail art!


Transparent color + Pure white:


Elegant, romantic and simple atmosphere of a French manicure, with pure white, transparent color of the nails together, it is very low-key, giving a faint feeling. After adding a bright red heart shape and a four-leaf clover pattern, the whole look is more eye-catching, and the handles are more beautiful.