First Choice For Refreshing Summer

- Apr 06, 2021-

With the temperature rising day by day, I can’t wait to take off my winter clothes and put on cool clothes. Naturally, the manicure needs to be cool. If you want a style that is both stylish and simple, but also refreshing in the summer, pearl white manicure is a good choice.

The clever use of gold and silver elements is not only not tacky, but also extravagant and fashionable, becoming the finishing touch of the entire nail art.

The nude white base makes the hands feel more slender, and the abstract drop-shaped decoration adds a bright spot to the whole design. Or ornaments embellished with metal, which suddenly become non-monotonous.

Choose a nail polish with a certain pearly feel, and it looks more three-dimensional and immobile. Or use sapphire blue or tender powder as the base for blending and embellish a small amount of gold powder to make the fingertips look more gentle and romantic.