Fast Nail Art Tips

- Jun 21, 2019-

How to repair nail: Although the fine grinding is too late, it is still necessary to choose a sanding surface with a finer and softer sanding strip to smooth the wear of the leading edge of the nail, so that the nail shape looks fine. When grinding, do not grind back and forth on the nail surface and the leading edge, otherwise it will easily lead to nail breakage. Sand bars should be as parallel as possible to the side of the nail, and sanded from the two sides to the middle in one direction. Note that the handles are often turned upside down to keep the left and right sides symmetrical.


How to apply nail polish: Apply a layer of base oil evenly, which can strengthen the density of nails, not only can protect nails well, but also enhance the adhesion of nail polish. After a little while, apply the first nail polish, but apply a thinner cover and cover the leading edge of the nail. This time it can be applied again for the second time. The second time the nail polish is saturated, but still need to pay attention to cover the nail front. When it is found that the nail polish overflows the nail bed, use a cotton swab to take the nail polish and wipe off the excess nail polish. Finally, when the nail polish is dry quickly, apply bright oil. If time is really too late, simply apply a layer of transparent nail polish, which is the most impeccable versatile color.


How to unload the nail polish: If you need to remove the nail polish temporarily, but there is no unloading nail water around you, it is best to have a disposable nail polisher. If not, don't forget to keep a bottle of transparent nail polish in your handbag. Apply a thick layer to the nails, wait 5-10 seconds, wipe off with the facial tissue together with the nail polish, repeat several times to completely remove the old nail polish. It should be noted that the remaining nail polish in the nail ditch should be partially cleaned; otherwise it will directly affect the subsequent coloring.