Extension Of The Nail

- Nov 30, 2019-

Need to do the extension of the nail


1. The nails are short and wide, and what nails are made to be earthy.


2, nails are short and small friends, in addition to congenital reasons, many people have bad habits of nails.


More seriously, this little fairy partner has already arrived at the side of the face is almost gone!


3, there are some small partners because of illness or accident, resulting in uneven surface, broken nail surface.


4, in addition to these problems, as well as the fan-shaped armor


5, nails upturned spoon shape


What tools are needed for nail extension?


A piece of extension.


A piece: transparent color / natural color / pure white nail piece, full paste / half stick / French nail piece, all kinds of nail-shaped nail piece, glass piece.


Tools: word cut, nail glue, thick sand, Nail sponge file