Essential Nail Art Book, Learn Quickly

- Jun 30, 2020-

NO .1 Mandarin Duck

The rose gold and silver mirrors have one hand each, which is super personal, and the cool girl must try it. With a suit and jeans, it is absolutely amazing, and it is special in daily life, simple and beautiful.

NO. 2 graffiti armor

Cool contrasting graffiti, the overall color is gray, blue and purple, fresh and girly, painted like a princess running away from Disney, clean and refreshing~

NO.3 Halo

A fresh and refined manicure in summer, resembling a rainbow and like fruit candy, with multi-colored blooming, it is very bright in the sun. (This is very difficult to do, it is a very test of the manicurist's skills~ be sure to check with the manicurist before doing it)

NO.4 Aurora Armor

Aurora Armor: This gust of wind has been blowing for a long time, and I always feel that this style is not suitable for me. As a result, I opened the door to a new world. The gray-violet base + blue aurora powder, coupled with the three-dimensional butterfly full of fairy air, Beautiful~

NO.5 Ballet Armor

Ever since I saw the creation camp 2020, I was fascinated by Zhang Yifan's temperament. It's a fairy. The girl who dances ballet really comes with a fairy. If you don't dance ballet, it will be once a fingertip. Hand-painted manicures are a hundred hits to the old girl's heart~ And this semi-transparent manicure does not pick the skin color, and the yellow skin feels very white! It’s so cute, it’s so cute, it’s too cute

NO. Rainbow Armor

A manicure that belongs to art students, like the paint splashed on the hands, it is very casual, but it is very special. I am afraid of the beauty of the black hand, you can choose to have a spring style without a nail, a pink base, and a bronze mirror edge, you must leave a little mirror powder in the blank space, so that it will shine