Easily DIY Nail Art With Sponge

- Mar 01, 2021-

What I teach you today is this blue gradient manicure that is as fresh as sea water.Preparation materials: nail stick, nail polish, nail sponge, anti-spill nail polish


First use light green as the base. Note that you should use the lightest color of the same color, even if you do other color gradients.


If you are afraid that the sponge will stain your fingers, you can also use a small stick to apply a little to the skin on the edge of the nail assistant's nails. The overflowing manicure will be torn off with the nail assistant.


Choose four-color gradient nail polish and apply it to the nail sponge in turn.


This step is still very simple, just print it on the nail.


Tear off the manicure assistant you just applied.


Then paste the decorations you like and apply a layer of bright oil.


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