Do You Have A Pain When You Are Lighting In LED For The Nail?

- Nov 08, 2019-

Many guests have reported that when they are doing nails, they will hurt when they are light for LED. What is the reason for this?


1. Too much glue at one time


I often hear a lot of customer feedback that the nails will hurt when the nails are used. So what is the reason? In fact, nail training feels that too much gluing at one time will cause our hands to hurt when they are lit.


2. Nail polish glue applied to the skin

Nail polish can also cause hand pain when applied to the skin, so nail training reminds the manicurist to remind the manicurist to pay attention to the skin when giving the nail to the customer. If it is applied to the skin, it will not be cleaned up. The light can cause a hand pain.


3. Customer skin sensitivity

If the customer is sensitive skin, there will be hand pain when doing nail art, because people with sensitive skin are allergic to ultraviolet rays, and our lights are done by ultraviolet light, so nail training feels that this accident will result allergy.