Different Nail Polish & UV Gel Polish

- Apr 24, 2019-

In general, nail products are the two major categories.


Nail polish is more popular, it does not need to be lit, and the drying is done by natural air. Some little fairies think that nail polish is difficult to dry. UV light or LED light can speed up the drying speed. In fact, it is impossible. The nail lamp is only useful for glue, and it is completely useless for nail polish.


Nail polish requires a special UV/LED lamp to solidify. After solidification, the endurance is better than nail polish, and it can be maintained for 20-30 days.


The removal of nail polish requires the use of a special unloading product. Normal nail polish cannot be removed. It is recommended to use a nail pack. If it is improperly removed (such as forced deduction), the damage to the nails is relatively large.