Different Between UV Gel Nail And QQ Nail

- May 14, 2019-

First, UV Gel Nail Art

When using phototherapy nails, you need to use phototherapy glue, and then use the ultraviolet light to illuminate the phototherapy glue. The nail training feels that the phototherapy armor is harder, and the retention time will be longer. When the phototherapy armor is removed, the gel component of the phototherapy nail can be dissolved first with the nail polish, and then the cotton surface is gently wiped with a cotton swab and then polished with a mat. The nail training reminds everyone to remember not to use too much when polishing.


Second, QQ nail art

QQ nail is a kind of nail polish, it also needs to be light to dry out, QQ nail can not only use UV light, but also can use LED cold light to illuminate, this nail removal is very convenient, but also very Firm, so nail training feels that this is also a kind of manicure that many nails control. It is relatively simple to remove the QQ manicure. Generally, the nail unloading water can be used to remove the nail.