Different Between Full Cover Nail Tip And Half Cover Nail Tip

- Apr 14, 2019-

Full Cover Nail Tip.

Not easy to fall, full patch A can be used for the production of nails and toenails, can be used independently, usually used in DIY nails, and the price is low.The advantage is that the full-feeing force is strong. The disadvantage is that there is no ventilation groove and no air-breathing nails, and the holding time is not long, because the nail has a long convex base.

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Half Cover Nail Tip.

The semi-adhesive piece, also known as the U-shaped piece, is easy to fall off. The semi-adhesive piece is mainly used for making silk nails, and can also be combined with crystal nail powder or phototherapy gel. The advantage is that the semi-stick has a breathable and non-marking groove, and the long after is no trace, which is more consistent with the nail.