Crystal Nail

- Feb 05, 2021-

Crystal nails are divided into

<1>. Natural crystal nail: It looks like the original nail.

<2>. Transparent crystal armor: Fully transparent crystal armor.

<3> French crystal nail: like a French nail nail, the tip is white extension nail.

<4>. Patterned crystal armor: Make a patterned crystal armor on it.


Tools and essentials

1. Disinfectant water 2. Nail removal water 3. Softener 4. Nutrient oil 5. Bright oil 6. Nail glue

7. Three-color polishing strip 8. Washing polishing strip 9.100# grinding file 10. Orange stick 11. Nail scissors

12. Push leather sand stick 13. Finger leather pliers 14. U-shaped scissors 15. Nail brush 16. Nail piece 17. Alcohol

Production steps

1. Disinfection

Disinfect your hands with disinfectant to remove bacteria and fungi from nails and hand surfaces.

2. Remove nail polish or clean nails

Use nail polish remover or alcohol to remove residual nail polish and dirt on your nails.

3. Trim the leading edge and remove dust

Use a 180# sharpening file to grind the front edge of the nail into the same arc as the nail groove (note: grind from both sides to the middle, do not grind back and forth). Use a small brush to remove finger debris.


4. Clean the finger core

Use a cotton swab made of orange stick dipped in alcohol to clean the finger core sequentially from the little finger of the left hand (note: do not puncture the finger core).

5. Upper finger skin softener

Spread the finger skin softener evenly on the nail skin and finger edge (note: do not apply on the nail cap to prevent softening the nail cap).

6. Push finger skin

Push the aging finger skin on the finger to the rear edge with the sand stick to make the nail cover look slender (note: clean the front end of the sand stick with an alcohol swab).

7. Cut finger skin

Use finger skin pliers to trim dead skin and fleshy thorns. Be careful not to pull it when using it. Cut it off to avoid damage to the finger skin.


8. Carving

Use a 100# sharpening file to make small scratches on the nail surface to increase the adhesive contact area and remove the oily layer on the nail surface.

9. Dust removal

Use a small brush to carefully clean the back edge of the nail, the nail groove and the surface of the nail.

10.(1) Elective nail pieces

According to the finger type, choose the nails in order from the little finger. The width of the nails is based on the width of the nail groove, and the depth of the nail grooves is based on the principle of covering 1/2 of the nail surface. If the conditions are not met, the nails should be trimmed before pasting.

(2) Nail stick

Pour the nail gel into the nail slot, and rotate the nail to make the nail glue evenly distributed.

(3) Nail stick

Gently clamp the nail slot on the front edge of the nail at a 45° angle to make it fit and correct the skew appropriately.

(4) Nail stick

Using the front edge of the nail as the axis, gently press the nail piece onto the surface of the nail cover.

11. Cut nails

Use U-shaped scissors to cut the front edge of the nail to an appropriate length according to your preference (note: front edge: nail cover ≈ 2:3).

12(1). Modification and polishing

Use a 100# sharpening file to polish the shape of the nail in the order of the outside and inside.

12(2). Modification and polishing

Use a 100# sharpening file to polish the leading edge of the nail.

13. Remove the marks

Use a 180# sharpening file to smooth the marks on the joint between the nail piece and the natural nail (note: do not scratch the natural nail).

14. Polish first

Wash the polishing strip or block with water to remove the surface of the nail.


15. Post polishing

Use three-color polishing strips or polishing blocks to polish in the order of black, white, and gray to make the nails shiny (note: it should be polished in one direction on natural nails).

16. Apply nutrient oil and massage

Apply nutrient oil on the back edge of the nail and the nail cover, massage it thoroughly to moisturize the skin and make the nails brighter.

17. Top polish or color nail polish

To keep your nails shiny, apply anti-UV primer or color nail polish on the surface of your nails.

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