Correct Application Of Nail Polish

- Jun 02, 2019-

For people who are doing nail art at home, how to correct application of nail polish is not easy to operate, so there is recommend as below:


Apply base oil on the nail before apply nail polish. Lightly apply a layer of nail polish on your fingertips, and then starting from the middle of the nail surface, 1cm away from the nail groove, tilt the brush about 45°, slowly push the nail polish brush forward, and then pull it back quickly. In the position 1cm away from the left groove, also put the brush in the middle, then gently press the brush head, let the tip of the brush gently press down on the side of the nail.


Then use the same method to brush the nail polish on the right side of the nail. The entire nail surface can be completed in 3 steps. Generally, the nail polish needs to be coated with two layers to reach saturation. After the first layer is dried, continue to apply the second layer.