Compare UV Nail Lamp With LED Nail Lamp

- Jul 19, 2019-

Nail UV lamp, also known as nail UV lamp, is specially used for drying and curing UV glue or nail polish in the nail process. According to different lighting operating principles, it is divided into LED lights and UV lights. So, what is the difference between LED phototherapy lamps and UV phototherapy lamps? Which one is better to use?



Ordinary UV lamps have a wavelength of 365 mm and are UVA. UVA is also known as aging radiation. A small amount of UVA can cause great damage to the skin. Long-term exposure to UVA can also cause damage to the eyes, and this damage can be accumulated and irreversible. Therefore, some sisters will find that the number of phototherapy will be more black and dry! The LED lamp is visible light with a wavelength of 400mm-500mm. It is the same as normal lighting, and it does not harm human skin and eyes. Therefore, from a safety point of view, LED phototherapy lamps have better protection against skin and eyes than UV lamps!


For example:

48w led UV nail lamp