Common Misunderstanding

- May 02, 2019-

Wearing fake nails will hurt your nails

This argument has some truth, but it is mainly caused by improper operation, because many people make fake nails themselves. When they are on the belt and when they are unloaded, the technique is not professional enough. It is easy to scratch the nails, so wear fake nails and unload them.


When you rub your nails, you should grind them before and after.

If you use the grinding deck to grind the edges of the nails when moving back and forth, it is easy to damage the edges of the nails. The correct method is to grind from the edge to the middle.


Vitamin oil and nutrient oil can be applied to the nails to make the nails absorb healthier.

This statement is wrong. The nails don't absorb any nutrients. Even if you want to give your nails more nutrients, they must be applied to the nail bed instead of the nails.