Cat Eye Nail

- Dec 17, 2020-

What is cat eye nail art

Some metal components in cat eye nail polish may be magnet powder. After the application, while the nail polish is still liquid, use an iron magnet to attract the metal in the nail polish to a cat's eye effect. You will find the angle of your magnet, and the angle of your cat's eyesight.


Precautions for applying cat eye nail art

1. When applying cat-eye nail polish, it is best to cooperate with the removable binder and the removable to scrub the sealing layer. If it is not used, it will be easy to burst and not easy to remove.

2. Apply cat eye nail polish only once, not too thin or too thick.

3. The magnet can be special, it can be the magnet on your refrigerator or other, you don't have to buy a professional magnet. The thickness of the magnetic line of each magnet is different, you can use it according to your preference.



How to remove cat eye manicure

1. Soak the cotton ball in enough cleansing water;

2. Put plenty of makeup remover on the nail polished with nail polish and let it soak for a while;

3. Press hard to remove the nail polish.