Cat Eye Nail

- Sep 20, 2019-

Cat eye nail is more attractive than a solid color manicure. Even a single apply is very beautiful, and we don't feel that my fingertips are monotonous.


Step 1: Prepare all the tools. Apply a layer of armor water to the clean face to protect the nails from firmness.


Step 2: After the armor water has dried up, apply a blue-purple nail polish to the nail surface. Apply two coats to help the color saturation to be higher and then dry it.


Step 3: Lightly apply some silver powder and spread it evenly with a brush.


Step 4: Apply some silver powder to the nail surface with a tool that can be stamped. If the feeling is not obvious enough, you can repeat it several times.

第四步 (1)

第四步 (2)

Step 5: We change a nail and apply a thick layer of sea blue cat eye glue.


Step 6: Don't wait for the nails to dry, take out the magnet and stay on the nail surface to absorb the cat's eye effect, creating a dreamy starry sky effect.


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