Can Pregnant Women Do Nail Art?

- May 03, 2019-

Today's women are very beautiful, in addition to the makeup and dressing hairstyles are very important, in the skin care beauty nails are more concerned about. Nail art is very popular now, and nail art can modify the hand to make the hand look better. Often women can be nail art, so can you make nails after pregnancy?



In fact, some women still do nails after pregnancy, but the number will be reduced a lot. It is okay to have a manicure for a few months during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to be too frequent. If you really want to protect your baby, it is best to refuse to do nails. Because nail polish generally has a chemical composition, exposure of pregnant women to these conditions may affect the health of the fetus and, in severe cases, may cause fetal malformations. You can buy stickers with nail stickers, which can greatly reduce the harm to pregnant women and babies!


But when buying nail stickers, be careful not to choose a nail sticker with a scent or irritating odor, otherwise the damage and nail polish are even bigger!