Black Nail Art View

- Jul 03, 2019-

If you talk about the beauty of the entertainment industry, we believe that many people will think of BingBing Fan. Before the influence of BingBing Fan has always been great, but now it is a lot of low-key. BingBing Fan has a very unique face, and even foreigners are particularly envious of her face value. BingBing Fan is also a fashion trend in dressing, and his bold personality is so innovative that many people follow suit. It’s just that BingBing Fan is rarely seen now, and the dynamics are much less. However, in recent days, BingBing Fan has finally produced a new set of photos, giving people a very different feeling.


BingBing Fan is wearing a black and white shirt, which is very simple. This jacket has a lot of black patterns and is very fashionable. It looks like it is sprayed with ink on it. But what is even more interesting is BingBing Fan's "Blackboard Manicure. Why do you say this? BingBing Fan painted a black manicure. This color looks like a blackboard written while reading, so it is called "Blackboard Manicure". Manicure is still very rare, and BingBing Fan is not only novel but also particularly atmospheric after being painted.

Gel Color Nail Art