Benefits Of Nail Waxing

- Dec 14, 2020-

Why wax your nails?

First of all, it needs to be clear that waxing your nails is a step in the nail art process, and this step may or may not be. The biggest benefit of waxing nails for a manicurist is that the nails will look very shiny immediately. It will be helpful to her final nail art effect.


The benefits of waxing nails?

1. As mentioned earlier, after waxing your nails, your nails will immediately become shiny and visually it will appear that your nails are very beautiful.

2. After waxing the nails, you actually put a film on the nails, this film has a certain protective effect on the natural nails.

3. Because the waxed nails are just like new ones, the various patterns made by the nail artist will be more vivid.

4. The wax contains a certain amount of cellulose, which has a certain repair effect on some invisible cracks on the nails after application.

Although waxing nails can help the final nail art effect to a certain extent, it is not necessary to wax nails regularly. Just like glazing a leather chair, if you illuminate the leather jacket once a day, the final effect is actually not good. The frequency of waxing your nails should not exceed twice a week.


How to wax nails?

The method steps are as follows


2/Apply the dead skin softener to the edge of the nail. (The outer ring of the nail is fleshy)

3/ Use your thumb to lightly press the nail edge.

4/ Push the dead skin at the base of the nail bed with a dead skin spatula.

5/ Use finger leather pliers to trim dead skin.

6/ Fix nail shape.

7/ Use tofu cotton to smooth the nail surface.

8/ Polish the nail in the same direction with a polishing strip.

9/ Apply a little wax paste evenly on the nail cover.

10/ Use sheepskin wax to rub back and forth one by one to rub the surface of the nail cover, the speed is uniform and fast, the time is longer, and the brightness is higher. If you choose imported wax paste, the brightness is brighter.

11/ Rub the sides of the nail

12/ Apply calcium base oil.

The waxing process is over~~