Advantages Of Nail UV Gel Polish

- Jul 10, 2019-

1. Durable


I often see people who don’t unload for a month or two. Although it’s a lot of ugly, it’s really one of the biggest selling points of glue.


2. There is a translucent effect


The finished surface is translucent, and the thick and elastic look is cute, so-called "glue". Nail polish can achieve similar results with specific topping oil, but the abrasion resistance is much worse.


3. Easy to do hand-painted fancy


It is easier to make hand-painted fancy styles, and the painted parts will be dried immediately, and the different colors will not interfere at all. (But in contrast to doing monochrome, there may not be nail polish fast, because the parts of the painting should be separately illuminated, ranging from a few seconds to a minute.


4. Small taste


There is no smell. In essence, the glue is a light-hardening resin. The regular brand glue, especially the imported glue, generally has no taste. In theory, it is not poisonous.


Nail UV Gel Polish