About The Problems Encountered Of Paste Drill

- Feb 29, 2020-

the update rate of nail decoration products is also very fast. This is also a problem that causes the manicurist to encounter in actual operation. Then, how can a manicurist stick diamonds when he makes nails to customers?

1.Is the glue used for sticking the drill or the model glue stronger?

A: Of course, it is glue, because the model glue needs to be lighted with a phototherapy lamp. Then you put a drill on top of the glue and the bottom glue will not see the light of the phototherapy lamp, so this will cause the drill to stick. Not very strong.

2. Is the glue applied to the drill or to the nail when applying the drill?

A: Remind everyone that the glue must be dripped on the nails, but be sure to pay attention to the volume of the glue. Remember not to apply too much at one time to prevent the glue from getting too much on the drill and causing the drill to turn white.

3. What should I do if I don't agree with the face when I stick a big diamond?

Answer: If you encounter discomfort with the nail surface when you are attaching the diamond, then it is recommended that you first use glue to fill it with model glue or transparent glue.