7 Essential Nails Oil

- Jun 26, 2019-

7 essential nails "oil"

1. Nutrient oil: It can nourish nails and protect the skin around nails. It is a good partner for girls who have been doing nails for a long time.


2. The base oil: transparent or milky white, used before applying nail polish, can enhance the adhesion of nail polish, while protecting the nail.


3-5, three kinds of basic pearl color: white, pink, black with different occasions, different costumes.


6. with flashing transparent nail polish: can be used as a layer of nail polish embellishment, change the style. Of course, it can also be used alone.


7. Bright oil: used to protect nail polish and keep it shiny. The thicker the varnish, the longer the drying time and the higher the gloss.