4 Steps To Teach You Metal Manicure

- Jun 22, 2019-

Metallic, silver nail polish, cold metallic, showing an innate noble temperament. Today we teach you 4 steps to build metal nails.

金属美甲 (1)

     1. Trim the nails, first trim a piece of colorless nails into a shape similar to your own nails.


     2. Brush the silver nail polish, find a bottle of silver nail polish, apply it evenly on the nail piece with a nail polish brush, and then dry it, then apply the second layer to make the silver on the nail piece look more uniform and more vivid.


     3. The purple nail polish is rounded, and a wide strip is evenly applied from left to right in the center of the nail.


     4. Finally, use a thin bright silver brush to smudge it along the purple edge twice.