36W Nail LED Lamp With 48W Fast Drying Led Nail Lamp

- Jul 21, 2019-

36w and 48w differ in the time of baking.


The power of the Nail LED machine is closely related to the drying speed. 9 watts, the seal layer should be 4-6 minutes to completely dry, 36 watts 2-3 minutes just fine, 48 watts within 1 minute.


At present, there are two kinds of LED phototherapy nail machine and UV phototherapy nail machine on the market, and the combination of LED+UV nail phototherapy machine, the difference between LED nail machine and UV nail machine lies in the service life, LED is much better, and It takes less time.


If you use it often and keep your nails beautiful all the time, choose a power that is slightly larger, more functional, and faster, such as 36W/48W LED or LED+UV nail lamp.

36w UV nail lamp