2021 Nail Art Is To Be Extraordinary

- Mar 23, 2021-

It's 2021, and extravagance is synonymous with this year. The sense of luxury from beginning to end is the current fashion trend. How we pursue it depends on how we choose to decorate ourselves under our aesthetic system.

For example, nail art is a decorative act that girls use to please themselves. In the past, everyone was just a girl who could apply monochromatic nail polish. After we grow up, we will continue to introduce new styles of nail polish. It is easier for us to grasp beauty. So we can create more styles we want through nail art.

It contains extravagance, so today we naturally want to tell you about the three extravagant nail styles of 2021. If you are also a fan of nail art and love Hong Kong style and extravagance style, then today's content must be It is helpful for you!


2. Peach Blossom Nail Art

The name of the peach blossom may sound a little tacky. As the name suggests, it is to add the style of flowers to the nail art, but the nobleness of this nail art is shown in its clever combination of patterns and colors. The transparent color system of Long Island Iced Tea, matched with large and large white and tender flowers, and decorated with small green leaves, the strong spring will spread before our eyes, and one blow will hit the hearts of our young girls who are flourishing in spring. .

The gradual color scheme seems to be immature enough to let people see the depths of spring, just like the flowers in the forest, with the blonde girl running in it. Such a strong sense of color matching is to give people a girly and noble effect. As girls with a girlish heart, they can't help but be caught in the face of such nail art.


3. INS milk white wind nail art

Everyone may think that dark colors can show white, and this manicure is undoubtedly for the face. INS's cold style and creamy white visual effect, even if you have a very dark skin, you can put on this manicure and use your own charm. Its pattern is also very simple and neat, and the irregular lines are selectively described. The blue lines will suppress the fluorescent feeling of milky white, so there is no need to worry about showing black.

And it's very photogenic. Most girls nowadays are keen to take nail art, so this kind of nail art can be used for stealing the spotlight + whitening, then you are undoubtedly the most eye-catching nail art among the fingers.