2019CPMA Nail Competition To Asia, Scale Upgrade

- Nov 18, 2019-

The annual event of the National Million Manicure Masters - The 4th CPMA Manicure Competition in 2019 was finally announced in the day before, and will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center on December 4, 2019!


The emergence of CPMA has enabled Chinese manicurists to innovate their knowledge of the profession of manicurists - we are not a cheap service provider, nail art is a professional craft, and manicurists are artisans.


Promoting the standardization of Chinese nail art expertise is the mission of CPMA. More than 50 CPMA certification exams are held each year. More than 2,000 manicurists participate in the certification. So far, more than 30,000 manicurists have been provided CPMA professional certificates.


The nail art competition created by CPMA is crowned with the ingenuity of the national manicurist, so that more domestic excellent manicurists can embark on this stage, relying on their own strength to become the focus of the spotlight and take a new step in the nail business.


Entering the fourth year of the CPMA nail competition, it has become the most eye-catching nail event in the industry in the year. The masters gather, the professional technology and even the market operation and resources exchange and interaction, and the influence covers the whole country and even out of Asia.