2019 Spring Popular Nail Style

- Apr 13, 2019-

pring is here; let's just add some color to my nails!

Kindergarten Style

When we were young, most of us liked the colorful colors. When we looked at it, we felt that our body and mind were happy. The recent popular kindergarten style once again demonstrated that “fashion is a circle”!

图 (10)

Rainbow elements can be said to be very popular in recent years, whether it is with polka dots or leopard patterns.

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Those who don't like dark blue is able to choose the smoky blue with lower brightness, superimposed milk white and light goose yellow. It is cute and cute.

图 (9)

There is Lemon yellow, full of vitality, very suitable for spring, with a lovely sun flower and color spots, very creative.

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A fairy that is not very white can choose a tea color that is not very high in brightness and orange-brown, which can brighten the skin to two degrees.

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A vibrant green is also a good choice, and in this early spring season, you can feel the vitality of the flourishing.

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