2019 Simple And Romantic French Manicure

- Apr 08, 2019-

Nowadays, the French manicure is more and more beautiful and fashionable. The traditional French manicure uses white nail polish to draw a smiling arc at the front end of the nail. I believe this nail style has been seen in the past few years. However, the French manicure that we want to introduce to you today is very romantic and simple. Interested friends come to see it.

M pink + Rhinestone:


This French manicure is very eye-catching, and when you look at it, you fall in love. The pink-colored nails are used as the background color, with rhinestones and embossed patterns. The overall look is very romantic and rich. This style is very popular in French manicure.


Deep pink + Rhinestone:


Traditional French manicure uses white nail polish to draw an arc at the front end of the nail. However, this French manicure is just the opposite. Adding rhinestones between the back ends looks really romantic. Deep pink nail polish as the background color, it looks very good looking white, this French manicure is simpler.


Ink Cyan + Rice Pink:


There is also a mixed color contrast in the French manicure. This French manicure uses a combination of beige and ink cyan as a color, adding a unique pattern and rhinestones. This manicure is very beautiful. However, this nail style is slightly mature, and for some people it is not simple, be careful!