2019 Popular Nail Art Small Fresh Air Style Most Popular

- Nov 14, 2019-

Nail will become more refined and beautiful for girls, and form their own style, fall, small fresh air manicure and more popular arrivals. Fresh and simple colors, simple styling, geometric and homemade nails are the first choice. Let’s take a look at autumn nails together.


First, the royal blue gray French manicure


French manicure is only applied to the front half of the nail and uses gray, blue and ink blue as a layered overlay. A flat edge to create a fan-shaped shape, a more stylish effect, can be added by adding another color. France is more fashionable, with avant-garde geometry with edges and edges, and borders become irregular.


Second, red and white space nail art


It reveals a deep red light, like the color of a mellow red wine. Seal a white nail polish pen with a fingertip and draw a line on the A side. The space of the nail is full of the complete sense in the modern sense. It is not necessarily the same idea of symmetry, as long as it is created according to your own wishes. Light-colored nail polish creates a ripple that fits them, so gloomy red wine has become cute.


Third, the Nordic blue stripe enhancement


Nordic cold manicure is very resistant and has a low-key color. The anti-wear has become the main color, and the color matching makes people feel comfortable. Curved lines create a succinct aesthetic, in bright whites in white and blue, to mobilize vitality. Gray small nail polish, like marble, adds a Nordic touch to the nails.


Fourth, black and white spotted nail art


The two-color stitching overlaps and some black and white dots are scattered on one side, which looks fresh and lovely. Gray and black solid color nails in the middle, and finally covered with transparent nails.