Silicone Practice Hand

Silicone Nails Manicure Training Finger
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Product Model: SK-LXS6 

Product Unit: pair 

Product Description:  6 colors availble, please kindly note while purchasing 

MOQ: 2

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China



Product Tips:

1. Avoid putting on accessories that can fade easily in case of contamination It is difficult to clean a contaminated Mannequin Hand due to faced accessories.

2. Keep your hands and operation desk clean while using, avoid put it together with ink materials such as newspapers and magazines.

3. Avoid long-term direct sunlight on the body skin in case of aging of the material which may reduce its lifespan.

4. In the case that any dents or scratches occurred due to long time extrusion, place the body in hot water for some time, and then dents or scratches will disappear gradually.

5. Use detergent or shower gel to clean the Mannequin body if contaminated. Apply talcum power evenly on the Mannequin after dried. After washing the Mannequin will be as smooth as new and feels find and dedicate


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