Emulational Silicone Practice Foot

Nail Art Foot Soft Training Display
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Emulational silicone practice foot


Product Model: SK-LXS10 

Product Unit: pair 

Product Description: 6 colors availble, please kindly note while purchasing

MOQ: 2

Brand Name: starky beauty

Material: Silicone

Application: Nail Practice

Package: Paper Box

Sample: Available

Color: Natural


1. Made from new-type cyber skin (thermoplastic elastomer,soft and elastic, so realistic it looks or touches, so real that it may frighten you; also toxically and odor free, meet all relevant safety standards.


2. High quality non-toxic and soft silica gel material,the inner part of the silica gel is filled with macromolecule, the toe

can be bendedfreely, the toe does not have the support of skeleton, it is soft and touches like jelly.


3. Avoid wearing accessories of dark color or easily fade or put together with ink materials such as magazines, or otherwise it can be contaminated and hard to clean; Also avoid direct sunshine which can result in aging of material.


4. In the case that the item get dirty, clean it with detergent or shower gel and rinse it in water; after the item dried apply some talcum power evenly on the skin surface in order to care the item and generate a good touch feeling;


5. Preferred for acrylic, gel and wrap practice, nail art designing, nails art practice etc



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