Professional Nail Brushes

12pcs Nail Pen Set Brush Gel Gradient Painted Drawing Nail Tool Brush set
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Product Details

Product Parameters

Name:Professional Nail Brushes 12 pieces

Model: Sk-TZB8


Type: Nail tool

Material: Nylon hair, woden handle

Quantity: Black 12pcs nail art brush with bag

Shelf Life: 3 Years


Professional nail brushes

Multi Use Nail painting brush

Do you know how to use and maintain the nail pen,

Can they extend their lifespan?

  1.  Brushes must be categorized when they are used and cannot be mixed.

  2. The length and thickness of the brush bristles are different for the primer seal and extension.

  3. Round-tip brush: used to brush the base glue, transparent glue, jewelry glue, etc.

  4. Flat-end brush: used to extend light therapy.

  5. Use different brushes for solid color nail polish and loose powder sequins.

  6. Color gel pens are best classified according to light, dark, and flashing colors to avoid color mixing.

  7. Brushes should be used from a professional perspective. Do not use a brush with glue to smudge, and a smudged pen to brush with glue.

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