Professional Gel Brushes

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Name:Professional Gel Brushes

Model: SK-GLB1


Weight: 15g/set

Size: 14cm Length, package size:19*4.5cm  hair size: 6/7/9mm

Package: opp pack

Use: Glue, phototherapy, French

The purpose of the Professional Gel Brushes is almost the same as that of the flat pen. It can draw flowers, blending, and gradation, but compared to the flat pen, the ball pen is more suitable for drawing flat petals.

When applying glue, because the nail surface of the tail finger is smaller, it is better to color with a ball pen than a flat pen. In other words, when novices paint, use a flat-tip pen to paint the first four fingers, and a round-tip pen is the most convenient way to paint the tail fingers.


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