Nail Art Crystal Carving Pen

Nail crystal carving pen, oil filling liquid color quicksand nylon painting pen
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Name: Nail Art Crystal Carving Pen

Model: SK-SJB40


Material: Nylon hair+ oil filling liquid color quicksand handle



Nail Art Crystal Carving Pen is used for dipping the crystal nail polish. put the pen into the crystal nail polish until the root of the pen, and then lick the outside of the pen at the end of the nail polish cup away from you. When the crystal nail powder is used in a large amount, squeeze some liquid, when the amount is small, squeeze some liquid, but you must remember Live only one side of the pen.

  It is used for dipping crystal nail powder. Dip the crystal nail powder from the outside to the bottom of the pen with the pen tip until a crystal methyl ester ball is formed at the tip of the pen.

SJB40 (5)SJB40 (7)SJB40 (8)SJB40 (9)


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