Kolinsky Acrylic Brush

Gradient color metal pole pure mink hair crystal pen kolinsky nail brush
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Product: Gradient color pure mink hair crystal pen /Kolinsky Acrylic Brush



Material: Metal handle+Kolinsky hair

Size: 6 piece

Packing: single PVC pipe (customized boutique packing box)

Packing: 1000pcs\pcs

Professional OEM\ODM, quality first, efficiency first

                     Never delay every customer's order


1. Cover the pen cap and store it away from light;

2. Do not use nail remover to clean, it will damage the hair quality;

3. When the brushes are classified and placed on the pen holder, the bristles should be upward;

4. The washing action should be gentle, do not wash against the hair, it is easy to fry the hair;

5. If you don't use the pen frequently, moisten the pen every three days;

6. If you find one or two bifurcated pen bristles, you can cut them off; if there are too many bifurcated bristles, um, congratulations, it's time for a new pen;

7. If the pen bristles are bifurcated or not smooth, you can soak the pen nib in warm water for 3-5 minutes after cleaning it up; in this process, be sure to hold the pen shaft to avoid the nib touching the bottom of the water container; Don't put the pen directly in the water, it will damage our pen tip.


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