Acrylic Nail Brush For Beginners

Nail Crystal Carved Brush Tool Oil Filled Liquid Golden Quicksand Nylon Painted Pen.
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Name:Acrylic Nail Brush For Beginners



Meterial: crystal acrylic & nylon hair

Quantity: 1 pc

Handle: plastic with glitter liquid

Brush length: Show as picture

Size:8#10#12#14# (for optical)



Brushes are made of nylon.

The smooth handles are full of liquid and shiny multicolored glitters that flow when you use it.

Brushes are made from the best nylon. Brush hair is strong enough to push and shape the acrylic but flexible and soft to give you soft touch

Brush feature fine dots or sharp edge to prevent cleavage. Brush care & tips with proper care and cleaning, you can ensure your brush will last longer.


1- The smooth handles are full of liquid and shiny colorful glitters in it. It will flow when you use it. the main color of the gliltter is gold and decoration with silver, pink, white colors.

2- This brush is a size 8 round, a special solution was applied to the brush. Please clean brush with brush cleaner before use. Brush care & tips. Proper use, along with proper care and cleaning will ensure your brushes have a longer lifespan.

3-storage is important - always keep it broadcast and, if possible, in the upright position. Natural hair needs to breathe in order to prevent shape growth. Hold your brush in direct sunlight.

4-Moulting or shedding hair from a new brush is a normal process. Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions the mouse will stop. Always rinse a new brush thoroughly with a brush cleaner or liquid monomer before first use.

5-Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner or liquid monomer DO NOT USE ACETONE because acetone will remove the shine from bristles making acrylic sticky and build up residue. Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel and redesign before saving.


Package Include:

1 pc Acrylic Nail Brush


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