Nail Color Chart Display Book

Nail color card book acrylic color card display board book nail color plate
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ND84 (3)

NameNail Color Chart Display Book
MaterialHigh top acrylic 
UsageColor display graphic / shows shelf


2.Excellent PU leather match

3.Rounded corners, fine workmanship

4. Multi colors for your choice

Note:This product does not come with nail fake tips, if you want to buy, please buy separately!


1. This product is a nail display board which can be used to display 180 different UV nail glue colors.

2, made of high quality materials, more durable, and more environmentally friendly.

3, light weight, easy to carry and practical, help to comb out the colorful nail polishing model.

4, its elegant and beautiful coating surface design makes it more attractive.

5, suitable for nail salons, manicure and pedicure, can also be used to practice nail art.

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