UV Gel Extensions

Name: 30ml New Acrylic Nail Product for Extension
Color: 9
Certification: MSDS
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Name: 30ml New Acrylic Nail Product for Extension



Color: 9

Certification: MSDS

It need to use with top base coat, cure by UV LED lamp. Ideal for create your own beautiful nail art design on finger or nails. Suitable for use with other nail art products it can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails. The colors can be used on different surfaces such as nails, paper, and other artworks.

pecifications of camouflage gel uv led polygel.


1) High molecular materials

2) No smell and no toxic

3) Do not hurt nails

4) Without boring, chip or peel off the paint

5) High gloss and lasting over a month

6) MSDS and SGS certificate

7) Suitable for all kinds of people

Use steps of professional nail UV gel

1. Wash hands, wipe nail and remove cuticle.

2. Brush Brush a thin layer base coat, curing 1-2 min by 36w UV/LED lamp.

3. Brush a French pink UV gel, curing 2 min

4. Brush layer French pink UV gel, modeling some styles, curing 2 min

5. Brush a layer top coat, curing 3 min

6. Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining

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