Color Acrylic Powder Set

Nail Acrylic Powder Carved Powder Color extend Powder 24 Color 18 Color 12 Color Set
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Product Descrption:

Name:Color Acrylic Powder Set


Color:As same as picture

Quantity: 12colors/18colors/24 colors

Weight: 230g/350g/470g


Package Included:

 12colors/18colors/24 X Colors Nail Powder

Nail carving is definitely a technical activity, but the nail art created through it is beautiful, capturing the hearts of thousands of MM, but it seems that the price of the nail carving is a little expensive. If you want to DIY yourself at home, then you need to understand Here are some tips!

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First of all, patience! Hand-carved manicures are generally more difficult, especially those with more complicated carvings, but the hand-carved ones will be more elaborate, so you need to carefully carve them.

Second, the nail carving process must be fast. After picking the right amount of crystal liquid with a pen, immediately pick up the crystal powder, mix them into a hemisphere, place them on the nail piece, and then press it into the shape of a petal. The above process must be completed in a few seconds.

Third, some beginners often sculpted, because at that time because of the lack of understanding of the pattern to be carved, resulting in the inexperienced carving, so that the carving is bad, usually more contact can be mastered.

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