UV Sterilization Storage Box

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NameUV Sterilization Storage Box
ABS plastic
Net Weight295g
Gross weight463g
Product Size250mm*110mm*70mm
Package Size255mm*  120mm* 70mm
Charging methodUSB, computer, cellephone charging and power Bank
ApplicationBeauty nail tool in salon, hair salon and etc

Pay attention

The UVC lamp contains a small amount of mercury, please do not open the cover when disinfecting, to prevent exposure to human body parts!!


Fashionable exterior, high quality ABS Material.

It can also effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from leaking to the skin and your eyes, protecting your health.

Rechargeable lithium battery, LED Cue light.

Can disinfect many tools.

360 degrees fully closed to eliminate bacteria,UV Sterilization Storage Box Up to 99.99%


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