Sterilizer for Nail Salon

Name: 220w Towel Warmer
Color: White
Function: UV Sterilize
Outside size: 50.5*38*34CM 1PCS/CARTON
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Product Details

Product Parameter

xdg15 (2)

Name: 220w Towel Warmer/ Sterilizer for Nail Salon

Model: SK-XDG15


Color: White

Function: UV Sterilize

Outside size: 50.5*38*34CM    1PCS/CARTON

Inside Size: 45.5*33.5*30cm


Voltage: 220V-240V/110V-120V

Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ 

It has adiabatic material, so it can work normally. Heat-resistant particular, durable engineering material.

xdg15 (5) 

Using Method

Firstly, open the disinfector, put the wet towel on the towel shelf, and then close the disinfector, press switch button, let it start to high temperature disinfecting. If you want to use ultraviolet ray disinfecting, please press the ultraviolet lamp button.

Working Effect

Normal temperature is 70°C ±2 °C; heating temperature is 80°C. Temperature control: When temperature lowers 70°C, it works normally; when temperature over 80°C, it stops and keeping temperature.


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