Nail Art Glitter Powder

12 color laser superfine powders 0.2 mm dissolved nail colorful powder gold rainbow peacock powder.Nail decoration, simple, on natural nails. You can also use to your home, case of cell phones, glasses, formed card, body art, etc.
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Product Description

Name:Nail Art Glitter Powder 

Color:12 color laser

Specification: 0.2mm

Pack: 12pcs/box


Model: SK-GP42

Different background laser powders have different effects, which can make ordinary colors shine. And with the laser powder, it is not a solid color, it is a style.There are colorful effects under the light, and the powder is very delicate!

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This manicure is not only a laser element, but also a jewellery and silver powder design, a super nice one.


This laser manicure is relatively simple, with all the semi-laser design, simple, but with dream purple, is the color that little girls like, very good a nail.


This laser manicure is more fashionable and more confusing.

How to use


1. Apply nail polish glue as a black background. Use the manicure curing lamp to dry the nail glue.

2. Seal it with UV TOP COAT and use nail curing lamp to dry it.

3. Clean the glue on the surface of the nail.

4. Use eye shadow stick to pick the powder and apply it into your nails and repeat the step until you’re satisfied with the effect.

5. Seal it with UV TOP COAT and use the nail curing lamp to dry it.

6. Finish

It is characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the product, so that the decorative part has a layered and concave layer, which is more three-dimensional. Its high-gloss characteristics, while making the decorations bright and dazzling.

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