Nail Art Chrome Pigment

Nail Art Chrome Pigment

2019 Nail Titanium Powder Rose Gold Powder Silver Plated DIY Mirror Nail Powder
Material: Powder
Color: Magic Mirror
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2019 Nail Titanium Powder Rose Gold Powder Silver Plated DIY Mirror Nail Powder. Nail Art Chrome Pigment

Material: Powder

Color: Magic Mirror

Package Contents:

1 box 



gp86 (4)

Easy to use, shiny nail powder, for use with nail polish gel, UV Gel and etc. There are 7 colors for your choice. 

Nail decoration with high holographic effect.

The color of clear AB color shows different colors in different base color.

GP86-XQ (3)GP86-XQ (7)GP86-XQ (1)GP86-XQ (2)GP86-XQ (6)GP86-XQ (8)GP86-XQ (10)GP86-XQ (11)GP86-XQ (4)

Mirror powder must not be covered, must be thinly coated, layered superimposed is not easy to fall! Because the mirror powder and the disposable seal layer cannot be combined with the seal layer superimposed on the top layer, and the bottom adhesive is very strong, the first layer and the second layer of the mirror powder should be coated with a primer to increase the viscosity. Reinforcement glue. Mirror powder is a kind of powder that is not sticky. The disposable seal layer can't stick to the nail polish glue applied on the back. It can't be glued like the normal nail polish glue, so it is easy to drop. Apply a small amount of mirror powder.

Product Name:Nail Art Chrome Pigment

Color:16 Colors

Model: Sk-GP132


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Q1:Is this strictly for gel or can regular polish be used too?

A1:Answer: Only for gel

Q2: Why do I need to apply a coat of no wipe top coat after applying the powder on nail ??

A2: A coat of NO WIPE TOP COAT is needed, in order to keep the powder on the nail surface, stay longer, and have a great holo mirror effect!

Q3: Can these be used on dipped nails?

A3: Yes as long as you once have completed your dip and submission you apply a no wipe gel base or top coat then apply the powder.

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