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Slight coloring, glitter effect, makes your nails charming and attractive. With it have different effect with different base color. DIY attractive shiny salon mirror nail powder glitter powder mirror effect decorative easily coloring.

Model: SK-GP89


GP89 (13)GP89 (8)GP89 (15)GP89 (10)GP89 (7)GP89 (6)GP89 (12)

This mirror nail powder will appear pretty shiny pearl palette nails over white bases; also get different colors depending on different angle light reflecting it. The end result can be completely different to show a chrome effect when over a black base. Actually it can be used with any paint varnish, UV builder gel, and gel polish and with acrylic.



GP88 (12)GP88 (14)

Apply via regular nail polish or gel nail polish. Special top coat needed for use with regular polishes (no wipe top coat).

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