Nail Art Foils

Smudged marbled nail transfer paper
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 Name: Nail Art Foils

Model: SK-TF12

MOQ:100 pcs

Quantity: 1 box

Pattern: As the pictures show

Size about. 100 cm * 4 cm


Package content:

1 box of nail art foils



Nail art foils create the perfect "mixed metal" finish for every polish color.

Nail foil can be easily removed with nail polish remover.

Nail polish operation steps: (without star glue, you need to control the time)


1. Apply a thin layer of primer to the base. The benefit of the primer is to prevent pigmentation and strengthen the adhesion between the nails and the fingertips of the nail polish.


2. After the base coat is dry, apply colored nail polish. The starry sky with black is the best look!


3 Viscosity should be mastered by yourself. Touch it with your fingers to show that it is slightly dry. It is most suitable when there is only a little viscosity.


4. Put the nail art foils on the nail surface, and the desired color at the desired position. The area effect using the three methods of pressing, pressing, and buckling is different!


5. It is best to apply a layer of bright oil, if the stickers are wrinkled at this time, it means that the nail polish is too thick.


If you want metal laser to have a stronger texture, you can finish the bright oil and then transfer the sticker, and then do not brush the bright oil on it, but the durability is not good.


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