Nail Accessory 3d Design Nail Sticker

12 colors colorful small flowers nail patch
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Product Details

Product details:

Name:Nail Accessory 3d Design Nail Sticker



Material: wood pulp fiber

Shape: Flower

Weight: 10g

Packing: 50pcs/box

Uses: nail art, cellphone case, DIY

Put a Nail Accessory 3d Design Nail Sticker on the nail, and then add a small diamond, elegant and beautiful.

Product display:

ZP103 (1)ZP103 (2)

ZP103 (4)ZP103 (7)ZP103 (8)ZP103 (9)ZP103 (10)ZP103 (11)ZP103 (12)ZP103 (13)ZP103 (14)ZP103 (15)ZP103 (16)ZP103 (17)ZP103 (18)


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