DIY Decoration Christmas Halloween Nails

Nail starry sky paper DIY decoration Christmas Halloween nails starry sky transfer paper
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Name:DIY Decoration Christmas Halloween Nails



Weight: 63g

Design: Christmas,Halloween

Material: Paper

Christmas is moving towards us with a cheerful atmosphere. Do you plan to prepare some special dresses for this long-awaited holiday? Why not make a beautiful Christmas manicure, which is not only suitable for the scene, but also adds a distinctive highlight to your own style, and the beautiful colors definitely enhance the charm.

Red, white, and green are the three symbolic colors of Christmas. Whether you have the same solid color as your fingers or mix and match the two, you will immediately have a strong Christmas atmosphere. If you want to create a sweet and cute feeling, cute dots are the most basic choice! Finally, you can add some DIY Decoration Christmas Halloween Nails stickers according to your preferences, and you're done!

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