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ND39 (11)

ND39 (6) - 副本

Name: Nail Art Accessories Kit 6 splits Symphony sequins

Model: SK-ND39


Material: PET

Color: Pink

Style:  6 designs

Weight: About 9 grams

Usage: Nail decoration

Adding some luminous elements such as diamonds and sequins on the transparent nail surface will make the ordinary nail surface very unusual at once! This is also the simplest and most suitable nail style for early spring, you can try it if you like.

ND39 (16)ND39 (14)ND39 (12)ND39 (3)ND39 (18)3ND39 (2)4ND39 (7)5ND39 (8)6ND39 (4)7ND39 (17)201909121450056718223

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